Protect Your Users and Data in Workday

As a business-critical human resources and financial management platform, Workday holds a significant amount of your organization’s highly privileged information. Security teams are expected to safeguard the system and data, however Workday is often a black box to those trying to protect it. In order to stop external and internal threats without disrupting use of the platform, access to the environment is essential.

  • Achieve Rapid Time to Value

Obsidian understands Workday. By mapping the data schema, we’re able to create a knowledge graph of each user across applications. Connect to your Workday data in a few clicks and get immediate insights from our out-of-the-box rulesets. We show the impact changes will have on each user, allowing you to partner with Workday application owners to resolve concerns quickly.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Risk

Obsidian makes it easy to reduce the risk of data exposure. We use best practices to recommend improvements to your Workday configurations while detailing how these changes impact users. We also allow you to easily manage Workday’s complex and opaque permission model to ensure that users have appropriate access to sensitive data.

  • Detect Threats Early

We help you identify and resolve potential threats to Workday quickly. Obsidian detects anomalous activity from users across applications and provides security teams with recommendations to mitigate the risk. And with dozens of integrations into various systems, we help you protect threats to Workday no matter where they originate.