• Detect Breaches that Bypass Traditional Security

SaaS applications remain vulnerable to account compromise because existing solutions are focused on inspecting inbound and outbound traffic. Even the effective combination of single sign-on and multi-factor authentication leaves you open to breach. Obsidian analyzes user data within your applications to detect anomalous activity against baseline behavior. We can identify attackers during reconnaissance, before they have a chance to establish persistence or exfiltrate data.

  • Understand Activity Across Applications

In the world of interconnected SaaS, a breach in one application can give attackers unfettered access to sensitive data in another. Obsidian maps a user’s activity in your core SaaS applications to a unified activity timeline for full visibility from a single place. In cases of potential account compromise, this is invaluable to security teams as they look to ascertain the exact scope of an attack.

  • Respond Quickly to Potential Threats

While authentication solutions provide an initial barrier to entry for attackers, security teams need to respond immediately when they suspect a malicious individual has managed to gain access to their environment. Obsidian’s prompt alerts and contextual intel saves you the time of gathering info and enables rapid threat containment.