The fact that Obsidian maps our SaaS configurations to these standards makes it a lot easier to maintain and demonstrate compliance.

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The Challenge


SaaS Compliance Is Complicated Because Every App Is Unique


GRC Teams Lack Visibility into How SaaS Configurations Map to Every Framework


Compliance is a Requirement for Any Sensitive Data, Even in Unregulated Industries

The Obsidian Approach

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A unified view into SaaS compliance

  • Track progress for external and custom frameworks
  • Detect compliance gaps to align with regulatory requirements within minutes
  • Get recommended actions to meet any standard
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Understand control failures

  • Automate evidence collection to reduce audit preparation times
  • Receive alerts to quickly fix non-compliant app controls
  • Understand and monitor risk across your SaaS environment
  • Empower app owners with dashboards to encourage app compliance
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Customize compliance

  • Tailor compliance with organization-specific frameworks
  • Create, modify, clone, and delete controls to build custom frameworks
  • Validate SaaS against regulatory and internal standards
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Create on-demand reports

  • Automate report generation with scheduled frequency 
  • Generate reports to demonstrate compliance for any framework in seconds
  • Tailor reports to relevant services, tenants, and more

Other SaaS Posture Use Cases

Manage Excessive Privileges

Uncover and minimize your high-risk accounts to eliminate security breaches.

Prevent SaaS Configuration Drift

Eliminate configuration changes that put your business at risk.