Obsidian discovered 1,964 active apps that had not been admin-approved. 91% could be turned off, which drastically minimized our attack surface.


Chief Information Security Officer

Leading Financial Institution

The Challenge


Shadow SaaS App Inventory Grows 25% Every 60 Days


LLM-Based Apps Exacerbate the Risk Shadow SaaS Brings to Your Organization


Shadow SaaS Integrations Complicate Data Governance

The Obsidian Approach


Discover your shadow SaaS inventory

  • Uncover sanctioned and unsanctioned apps across the enterprise
  • Gain context with insights into users, login frequency, user activity, authentication method, and shared service accounts
  • Identify app owners to better understand app usage
  • Reduce SaaS sprawl to manage business expenses

Safeguard critical data access

  • Identify shadow SaaS applications that are integrated into your core applications
  • Review and approve discovered apps to govern your SaaS app footprint
  • Block unapproved and high-risk apps through the Obsidian Browser Extension

Other SaaS Data Governance Use Cases

Reduce the SaaS Attack Surface

Discover and manage your SaaS integrations to reduce your attack surface.

Govern App-to-App Data Movement

Avoid data breaches and non-compliance by managing risky data movement.