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Security Guidance
5 minutes

Reducing Risks and Threats with Continuous SaaS Compliance

Dennis Faire
Mar 10, 2023
Security Guidance
6 minutes

CircleCI and Slack Security Incidents Highlight Risks of Token Compromise and SaaS Integration Threats

Shuyang Wang
Feb 1, 2023
4 minutes

Obsidian’s Security and Privacy Compliance Journey

Alfredo Hickman
Jan 25, 2023
Security Advisories
5 minutes

Obsidian Outlook: 2023 SaaS Security Predictions

Ben Johnson
Jan 17, 2023
Security Guidance
7 minutes

Behind the Breach: How CrowdStrike uses Obsidian in Incident Responses

Ben Johnson
Dec 13, 2022
Product Spotlights
8 minutes

The Evolution of SSPM

Tom Croll
Oct 26, 2022
Security Guidance
5 minutes

SaaS Security Soars at Fal.Con 2022

Emile Antone
Oct 5, 2022
2 minutes

Spotting SaaS Application Vulnerabilities

Hasan Imam
Aug 31, 2022
Security Advisories
4 minutes

Responding to the Twilio SMS Incident with Obsidian

Kelsey Brazill
Aug 25, 2022