Snowflake has hundreds of SaaS applications—to gain visibility into those SaaS applications could take months. With Obsidian we were able to do that in days, if not hours.


Mario Duarte

Vice President of Security, Snowflake

The Challenge


App Owners Aren’t Security Experts, 8-in-10 Accounts Are Overprivileged


95% of Businesses Experience Configuration Drift, Opening the Door to Attackers


Audits Take 28 Days per App, Making Manual Compliance Endeavors Unscalable

The Obsidian Approach

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80% reduction in over-privileged accounts

  • Identify privileged accounts without MFA
  • Revoke dormant accounts and unnecessary access permissions
  • Automate workflows to monitor and manage risk associated with privileged accounts
  • Manage privilege creep
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30% increase in compliance adherence

  • Track your progress against external and custom frameworks
  • Receive alerts to quickly fix non-compliant app controls
  • Automate evidence collection to reduce audit preparation times
  • Create, modify, clone, and delete controls to build frameworks that are right for you
  • Generate reports to demonstrate compliance for any framework in seconds
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Prevent SaaS configuration drift to avoid breaches

  • Gain a normalized view into SaaS posture across a diverse set of apps
  • Observe all app configurations through a single-pane-of-glass 
  • Integrate with ticketing systems for easy collaboration and swift resolution
  • Identify and empower app owners to foster a shared security mindset 

Explore SaaS Posture Use Cases

Automate SaaS Compliance

Take an automated approach to SaaS compliance, cutting audit times from days to minutes.

Manage Excessive Privileges

Uncover and minimize your high-risk accounts to eliminate security breaches.

Prevent SaaS Configuration Drift

Eliminate configuration changes that put your business at risk.