• Mitigate Risk and Reduce Costs

Privilege creep is pervasive across applications and increases your blast radius in the event of a breach. Our machine learning models identify opportunities to reduce individual privileges based on usage and access relative to peers. You also save cost by removing inactive accounts and save time during audits by having readily available evidence.

  • Protect Sensitive Business Data

While file sharing is an everyday practice in SaaS applications, it’s become increasingly difficult to restrict access to sensitive resources. Obsidian helps you protect privileged files by monitoring user access and activity within each application. This visibility helps security teams to quickly understand what users accessed during an investigation.

  • Make Security Decisions with Confidence

The disconnect between security teams and application owners has traditionally made it difficult to remedy access and privilege right sizing. Obsidian provides data to security teams so they can ask informed questions and determine if privilege is appropriate for any particular account. By showing the impact privilege reduction would have on a user relative to their peer group, you can determine if changes will adversely impact productivity.