• Close Gaps in Your Perimeter

Each application can have dozens of granular configuration options, making it difficult for security teams to understand their current security posture. Obsidian provides a centralized view of configuration settings across your SaaS environment. We combine our deep knowledge of each application with industry best practices to identify opportunities for improvement, supporting security teams to harden security posture.

  • Stay Informed on Configuration Drift

Whether it’s the result of a sudden reversion, an unrecorded change, or just a plain old mistake, a properly configured application can drift over time and once again become vulnerable. Obsidian monitors your configurations to notify security teams when settings change to keep your controls at their best.

  • Change Controls with Confidence

Even when tightening application configurations seems like an obvious best practice, it can be difficult to ascertain how the change will impact the users who rely on the application. Obsidian reveals the exact consequence any configuration change will have on your users, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the full scope of activity and privilege in your SaaS environment.