We found out that our HR platform was misconfigured once we deployed Obsidian. A compromise of our super admin account would have given attackers everything to commit identity theft on 8,000 employees within minutes.

Modern Hospital Building

Senior IT Security Manager

Multinational Healthcare

The Challenge


SaaS Risk Can Easily Grow Since Application Owners Are Not Security Experts


Apps Have Unique Settings and Permissions, Complicating SaaS Posture


Excessive SaaS Privileges
Lead to More
Costly Breaches

The Obsidian Approach

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Normalized view of SaaS privileges

  • Unified inventory of all users and apps
  • Quickly identify privileged accounts without MFA
  • Single-pane-of-glass across diverse SaaS ecosystem

Reduce excessive privileges

  • Surface privileged accounts across services causing the most risk (e.g. admins without MFA enabled)
  • Get recommendations to reduce over-privilege
  • Revoke dormant accounts and unnecessary access permissions
Privileged accounts with alerts

Govern your privileged accounts

  • Track risky behavior targeting privileged accounts
  • Manage privilege creep
  • Apply changes to settings and privileges all in one place

Other SaaS Posture Use Cases

Prevent SaaS Configuration Drift

Eliminate configuration changes that put your business at risk.

Automate SaaS Compliance

Take an automated approach to SaaS compliance, cutting audit times from days to minutes.