Snowflake has hundreds of SaaS applications—to gain visibility into those SaaS applications could take months. With Obsidian, we were able to do that in days, if not hours.


Mario Duarte

Vice President of Security, Snowflake

The Challenge


App Owners Prioritize Productivity Over Security, Leading to Misconfigurations


Manually Baselining and Reviewing Hundreds of Unique Apps Can’t Scale


Configuration Drift Puts Your Organization at Risk of Data Breaches

The Obsidian Approach

shared-dev.dev.obsec.us_posture_management_dashboard (1)

Centralize your understanding of risk

  • Get a normalized view of your entire SaaS inventory
  • Gain context with real-time alerts to catch configuration drift
  • Know when SaaS controls are failing with continuous SaaS monitoring
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Scale your SaaS posture program

  • Identify app owners to improve accountability and establish a shared security mindset
  • Detect and flag misconfigurations as they happen
  • Provide context to the app owners to remediate misconfigurations

Accelerate remediation

  • Get recommendations for various events to simplify remediations
  • Receive contextual insights that prioritize posture alerts
  • Integrate with ticketing systems for easy collaboration and quick resolution

Other SaaS Posture Use Cases

Manage Excessive Privileges

Uncover and minimize your high-risk accounts to eliminate security breaches. 

Automate SaaS Compliance

Take an automated approach to SaaS compliance, cutting audit times from days to minutes.