75% of the cloud is SaaS. Secure it!

Companies are moving their critical business systems to SaaS. Security teams lack the unified visibility they need to detect and respond to threats quickly. They are not able to answer basic questions:

Who can access SaaS apps?
Who are the privileged users?
Which accounts are compromised?
Who is sharing files externally?
Are applications configured according to best practices?

It is time to level up security for SaaS.

Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response

Obsidian is the industry’s first cloud detection and response solution. Obsidian is the only platform that delivers unified visibility of users, privileges and activity in SaaS, allowing you to detect and investigate breaches, uncover insider threats, and secure SaaS apps without affecting productivity.

  • Account

  • Secure

  • Threat Discovery
    and Hunting

  • Insider Threat

  • Incident

Protect Cloud Accounts from Compromise

Protect user and service accounts from takeover and misuse. Keep your cloud assets safe without degrading the experience of legitimate users.


Enable Secure Collaboration

Discover overly permissive file sharing, mail forwarding, third party applications with broad privileges, and more. Guide your users to collaborate safely and responsibly.


Discover and Hunt for Threats

Quickly discover indicators of anomalous logins, SaaS persistence, data exfiltration, lateral movement, OAuth token abuse, and other threats with unified visibility and analytics.


Detect Insider Threats

Discover data exposure, privilege elevation, backdoor accounts, inappropriate sharing and other signs of intentional and accidental insider threats and access misuse.


Investigate and Respond to Incidents

Quickly investigate incidents, identify the root cause and assess impact with a consolidated, enriched view of users, privileges, and activity across SaaS applications.


Obsidian Advantage
  • Speed

    Get started and see results quickly with nothing to deploy.

  • Scale

    Scale as needed to protect your growing cloud footprint.

  • Security

    Dedicated to proactively managing our security posture.

We’ve Got You Covered

Obsidian has built deep integrations with leading SaaS and IaaS services and identity providers to provide comprehensive protection for today’s business applications.

“I had been thinking about how to get more efficient with managing SaaS security, but I wasn’t aware of a good solution till I saw Obsidian.”

Head of Security
Behavioral Change Tech Company