• Mitigate Potential Threats Early

Threat defense is predicated on having continuous, consolidated visibility of user access, privilege, and activity across your SaaS core applications. Our data models provide high-priority threat alerts in real time. Your security teams can leverage the data in our platform to react immediately to potential breaches and insider threats, thereby mitigating data exfiltration and reducing impact on your business.

  • See Application Activity Holistically

Because Obsidian monitors and contextualizes activity across your core SaaS apps, your security team is able to rapidly understand the scope of a potential breach. Knowing impacted users, their privileged roles, and their access to sensitive files helps your security team to move quickly to contain a threat and minimize its blast radius.

  • Choose the Behaviors you Monitor

Obsidian comes with a wide variety of out-of-the-box detections for account compromises and insider threats, but your organization may have specific security requirements to consider. Our custom alerts facilitate compliance obligations, providing the flexibility to address specific organizational risks while saving time by never needing to manually search for the same thing twice.