Lately, we’ve seen threat actors target companies using phishing. What a lot of people don’t realize is that MFA does not stop you from being phished.


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The Challenge


Attackers Are Going Beyond Email to Target Users


Email Security Solutions Struggle with Anti-Bot Measures


Phishing-as-a-Service Makes Attacks More Effective

The Obsidian Approach

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Prevent AiTM phishing attacks

  • Stop spearphishing attempts with visual and content analysis plus  applied threat intelligence using the Obsidian Browser Extension 
  • Prevent users from submitting credentials to phishing sites
  • Secure the user with no network tunneling or TLS interception to avoid deployment overheads
  • Faster time to deployment with pre-built detection rules informed by observed phishing campaigns
  • Customize detection rules for your specific environments 
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Gain insights and adapt your defenses

  • Get context into phishing attempts to identify high-risk users and applications
  • Create your own phishing detection rules for targeted campaigns
  • Investigate abnormal login activities
  • Educate users by providing real-time explanations for blocking actions

Other SaaS Identity Security Use Cases

Stop SaaS Token Compromise

Detect and respond to Adversary-in-The-Middle (AiTM) attacks in minutes to minimize the breach impact.

Detect Threats Pre-Exfiltration

Detect and respond to attacks like SSPR and social engineering before data exfiltration.