Protect Your Users and Data in ServiceNow

Because ServiceNow is critical to the success of several teams and customers across an enterprise, the platform—and the wealth of sensitive data it contains—must be secured. Navigating the highly customizable platform and understanding its granular permissions, publicly exposed data, user activities, system configurations, and countless integrations can make ServiceNow security implementation a monumental challenge.

  • Prevent Sensitive Data Exposure

The ServiceNow platform is entrusted with sensitive data—including personally identifiable information—that can be accessed by various internal teams and external customers. Obsidian highlights areas where ServiceNow data is publicly accessible and helps your team address the root causes of any exposure, whether they’re misconfigured settings or custom APIs.

  • Close Risky Gaps in Integrations

Enterprises frequently augment their ServiceNow tenants with both custom in-house integrations and connections to other SaaS applications. To ensure that these connections don’t unintentionally expose sensitive data, Obsidian monitors ServiceNow integrations to identify risky connections and potentially malicious activities.

  • Harden your ServiceNow Security Posture

ServiceNow offers both a granular permission model and several configuration settings across its platform. To minimize the likelihood and impact of a potential threat, Obsidian surfaces opportunities for user and integration permission right-sizing. Our platform also recommends areas for configuration improvement and continuously monitors settings to ensure they don’t drift over time.