As a global leader in the digital workflow automation industry, ServiceNow offers an extensive portfolio of solutions for almost everyone, from IT and customer service teams to human resources and developers. The Now Platform capabilities include ticketing, communications, and reporting, with additional options to connect any number of third-party applications, custom in-house integrations, and data sources.

To help security teams better understand and tailor their approach to ServiceNow security, we’ve identified some key considerations and challenges specific to the platform in this checklist. Learn about the questions you should be asking across several key areas:

  • Limit Public Data Exposure: What data is publicly accessible, and what posture gaps are causing this exposure?
  • Close Risky Integration Gaps: What custom and third-party integrations are installed, and are they putting your ServiceNow data at risk?
  • Manage User and Integration Permissions: Are your users and integrations delegated privileges that are risky and unnecessary
  • Harden ServiceNow Configurations: How can ServiceNow security settings be tightened to proactively minimize risk?
  • Mitigate Compromises and Insider Threats: Are you monitoring activity to identify risky or malicious patterns and prompt timely remediation?