Secure Salesforce with Cloud Detection and Response

Obsidian arms security teams with continuous monitoring, detection and response needed to secure their Salesforce instances. With Obsidian CDR, you can ensure that the right people have the right level of access to Salesforce, and they are doing the right things. Protect your most critical assets against access misuse, privilege sprawl, and misconfigurations. You have unified access to activity data across applications to investigate and respond to incidents. Start in minutes with API-based connectivity and get instant visibility.

  • Activity monitoring

  • Threat detection

  • Posture management

Privilege Management

Get an inventory of user access and privileges. Monitor for privilege elevation and admin sprawl. Who has excessive privileges? Are there too many users with privileged role assignments?

Analytics around High Risk Activity

Use powerful built-in analytics to get a distilled view of high risk events, like inactive privileged accounts, suspicious failed logins, and  accounts that got locked by Salesforce.

Single-Pane Activity Monitoring

Use the unified view of activity across multiple Salesforce instances to monitor and investigate suspicious behavior, and respond to incidents. Detect suspicious logins, impossible travel scenarios, and risky API access. Obsidian enables you to correlate Salesforce activity with single sign-on (SSO) logins from Okta and Duo.

Sandbox Security

Developer sandbox environments often replicate sensitive data from production, but do not get the same level of security oversight. Obsidian monitors sandbox environments as well and alerts on suspicious or inappropriate activity.

Configuration Management

Use Obsidian’s configuration recommendations improve your security posture. to Quickly identify misconfigurations and detect unauthorized or unplanned configuration changes.

Data Protection

Identify risks associated with data access in Salesforce. Obsidian generates alerts when a user has an unusually high volume of downloads, or shows other signs of suspicious data access activity.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox Finalist

Hear Obsidian co-founder and CTO Ben Johnson give a 3-minute overview of Obsidian at the RSAC 2020 Innovation Sandbox contest.