Protect Your Users and Data in Salesforce

Businesses rely on Salesforce because of how functional, dynamic, and helpful it is for so many different teams across the organization. At the same time, this vast array of services makes for one of the largest and most complex attack surfaces of any core cloud application. Security teams are faced with the challenge of protecting their Salesforce environment without impeding business operations.

  • Protect Your Salesforce Perimeter

Obsidian simplifies the granular and complex Salesforce permission structure for users and third-party integrations. We make it easier for security teams to effectively manage privileged roles, configurations, and integrations. Our recommendations help you to reduce excessive privilege to mitigate risk, tighten security controls, and monitor connected services.

  • Respond to Internal and External Threats

With the amount of employee, customer, and organizational data held by Salesforce, it’s no surprise the application is a common target for external attackers and insider threats. Obsidian continually monitors user activity for anomalous behavior to catch and resolve potential threats before data exfiltration.

  • Secure Your Growing Business

Obsidian enables security teams to partner with Salesforce administrators to resolve concerns quickly, ensuring that business units remain productive and safe. We make it easy to monitor for drift caused in part by changes administrators make for business teams. And before you recommend a change, we show the impact it will have on each user.