Protect Your Users and Data in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is entrusted with a large amount of your organization’s data, including sensitive files and emails, and ensuring security is no easy task. Although they sit behind a common authentication, each application has different activity patterns, authorization mechanisms, and configuration settings. Effective protection of Microsoft 365 requires a holistic approach to securing your perimeter and mitigating threats.

  • Consolidate Microsoft 365 Configurations

Microsoft 365 controls are scattered across a number of different consoles that require significant time and experience to manage effectively. Obsidian consolidates configurations into one interface and suggests improvements based on industry benchmarks and our research. We also detail the exact impact of any potential changes to help inform configuration decisions.

  • Map Identity Across Applications

Obsidian maps identity and baselines user activity across your core applications for comprehensive, cross-application security that provides more coverage than the capabilities offered in Microsoft 365. This means your security team will have a more holistic view of your environment for better insights and quicker threat response.

  • Use Context to Mitigate Risk

Our deeper understanding of identity and privileged access in your Microsoft 365 environment allows us to recommend appropriate role reductions and mitigate unnecessary risk. We continually baseline and monitor activity to warn security teams about potential threats early.