Proactively minimize risk to limit attacker opportunities.

Promptly detect threats with the help of machine learning.

Eradicate adversary persistence with clear event timelines.

Ascertain and report incident impact with Obsidian logs.

Detect and investigate SaaS threats promptly.

Obsidian continuously collects and normalizes data around how your users and integrations are behaving. Cutting-edge machine learning models use this baseline to determine threats with unmatched speed and accuracy, giving teams an opportunity to respond to incidents early.

Understand and contain incidents completely.

When Obsidian identifies a threat, it details every action an adversary takes from initial access to impact—and lateral movement, too. With this context, teams can measure the impact of an incident and thoroughly mitigate attacker persistence.

Take steps to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Proactively addressing SaaS vulnerabilities minimizes opportunities for incidents to reemerge in your environment. Obsidian surfaces risk in its various forms—weak configurations, excessive privileges, and insecure third-party integrations—to help organizations find and close their gaps.