The importance of a thorough incident response strategy shouldn’t come as a surprise to most security veterans, whose teams likely already have defined plans in place. But as businesses migrate increasingly to SaaS, incident response teams are challenged to adapt and evolve their strategies to protect applications over which they have far less visibility and control.

Effective incident response for SaaS necessitates a complete understanding of the environment—your users, your applications, and your connected integrations—which security teams relying on legacy solutions just don’t have.

In this brief, discover how Obsidian Security provides complete coverage for every step of the SaaS incident response life cycle:

  • Detect and analyze threats with continuous activity monitoring and machine learning modeling
  • Contain and eradicate attacker presence in several applications, uncovering lateral movement and eliminating persistence measures.
  • Review and report on incidents with detailed timelines that span initial access all the way through impact.
  • Prevent future incidents by identifying and addressing security posture vulnerabilities that adversaries can exploit.