Security teams have employed various monitoring solutions and implemented proactive measures like multi-factor authentication in an attempt to protect their SaaS applications. Still, capable attackers can leverage different techniques to gain initial access by compromising user accounts—brute force, session token reuse, SIM swapping, and MFA fatigue attacks, for example—or by compromising integrations.

Obsidian Security is the industry’s most advanced threat detection solution designed for SaaS. From account takeovers and insider threats to third-party supply chain compromises, Obsidian makes it possible to identify, investigate, and mitigate threats early in order to prevent the exfiltration of your sensitive data.

  • Stop account compromise in its tracks and uncover lateral movement between interconnected applications.
  • Uncover insider threats in your environment engaging in unsafe or outright malicious activities.
  • Detect SaaS integration abuse to prevent third-party connections from becoming entry points for adversaries.
  • Customize threat detections to your needs with the help of Obsidian Query Language, or OQL.