Visualize user activity within and across interconnected SaaS applications

Identify employee compromise and insider threats quickly with powerful ML models.

Investigate incidents precisely with clear timelines of malicious SaaS activity.

Take recommended remediatory action directly from Obsidian.

Stop account compromise in its tracks.

Identify the earliest indicators of malicious activity within and across interconnected SaaS applications. With detections driven by machine learning, Obsidian helps you quickly identify, investigate and contain basic or sophisticated threats.
Stop account

Stitch together multiple low fidelity signals to accurately identify the early stages of a compromise.

Correlate context from different applications—endpoint, identity, development, HR—for stronger threat detection.

Streamline investigation and incident response with a consolidated timeline of user and application activity.

Uncover insider threats in your environment.

Keep your users from mishandling sensitive data and putting your business at risk. Obsidian correlates user activity with privileges and other contexts to warn of unsafe activity by a potential insider threat.
Uncover insider

Recognize users who might pose a greater internal risk, like privileged individuals with upcoming termination dates.

Apply Obsidian’s threat models to detect insider activity—like unusually high file downloads or email forwarding, for example.

Prune inactive SaaS accounts to minimize risk and reduce unnecessary spending.

Know when SaaS integrations are being exploited.

Ensure that third-party connections to your SaaS applications don’t result in a material data breach.
Prevent malware

Know when new integrations are added to your SaaS applications. Identify those authenticated through unusual or suspicious methods.

Monitor and baseline integration activity. Obsidian applies threat models to flag when a third-party integration may be compromised due to suspicious behavior.

Remove inactive or unsanctioned third-party integrations to reduce the SaaS attack surface.

Customize threat detections to your needs.

Extend detection capabilities to monitor for behaviors specific to your security needs. Obsidian comes ready with extensive threat monitoring capabilities out of the box—for everything else your team could want, there’s Obsidian Query Language (OQL).