SaaS applications typically offer dozens of granular security controls which can be tuned in order to minimize the risk of a potential threat. Hardening your security posture is vital to keeping your applications and data safe, but misconfiguration and drift are all too common as security teams struggle to effectively optimize configurations across their SaaS environment. To effectively protect your cloud-based applications, SaaS security posture management (SSPM) is one of several key elements to include in a security stack.

Obsidian continually monitors your applications to create a unified inventory of configurations, recommend opportunities for improvement, and detail the impact of any change in your environment. In this data sheet, we’ll look how Obsidian helps you build a better security posture:

  • Harden configurations with personalized recommendations based on our team’s expertise combined with industry benchmarks
  • Ensure that security controls don’t drift from your security team’s preferred settings over time
  • Drill into the users and activity related to a specific control to make more informed decisions around configurations