Know when SaaS controls begin failing unexpectedly.

Get a comprehensive summary of posture changes every week.

See when new SaaS controls are added, or old ones removed.

Remediate controls directly from the Obsidian interface.

Never let a configuration change go unnoticed.

Diligent security teams will tailor their application configurations to define safe limits around application use and minimize the risk of an incident. Obsidian continuously monitors SaaS controls to promptly flag when a setting falls back into a failing state, preventing security posture gaps from discreetly reemerging.

Follow changes to your security posture over time.

The security posture of your SaaS applications is always evolving—controls will be improved, new configurations will be introduced, and settings will naturally drift over time. Obsidian provides a visual overview of posture over the last 90 days with detail around any improvements or degradations, keeping your team informed with a single glance.

Improve your controls directly from Obsidian.

Understanding the state of your SaaS security posture is only half the battle. With bi-directional integrations to leading ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow, Obsidian gives you the ability to remediate controls directly from our interface. Logs for each configuration remind your team what’s been done and facilitate better collaboration.