Organizations have been grappling with SaaS security and compliance challenges resulting from the rapid and widespread adoption of applications. Often the hardest part for those looking to start securing this environment can be understanding what they are up against. Obsidian is here to help you do just that.

Offering a complimentary week-long risk assessment for up to 3 critical SaaS applications in your environment. Your custom SaaS Security Snapshot will report the following information:

  • Your SaaS security posture score with insights into user privileges and application configurations, providing actionable steps you can take to minimize risk
  • Compliance mapping to complex industry and regulatory standards including SOC 2, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), and more
  • Surfaced risk exposure introduced by SaaS integrations to your core applications including insights into permissions and different levels of access, integration activity, and areas of excessive risk

Tighten security controls, rope in privileges, and achieve continuous compliance. Obsidian makes SaaS risk management easy. Sign up today and review your results with an Obsidian SaaS security expert.

Offer applies for up to three of the following applications: Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, ServiceNow, GitHub, Workday, Salesforce and Okta.