You may have invested in security tools to protect your endpoints and cloud workloads, but bad actors like LAPSUS$ and Cozy Bear are increasingly targeting an often overlooked part of IT environments where sensitive data resides: SaaS applications. If your team doesn’t have visibility into the integrations connecting to platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, ServiceNow, and Salesforce, you’re missing a massive security blindspot.

With this limited time, no-cost risk assessment by Obsidian Security, you’ll get a risk assessment report within minutes.

  • Get real-time insights into the activity within and across your core SaaS applications. For Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, discover all connected SaaS integrations and get additional free analysis of your SaaS integration risks
  • Receive a full report of your SaaS posture with actionable steps you can take to tighten your SaaS security posture.
  • Review your results with an Obsidian SaaS security engineer.

Addressing these SaaS blindspots not only improves your security posture, but improves operational efficiencies, reduces security costs, and allows you to merge your SaaS intelligence with data from CASB, SIEM, and other tools to offer a more complete view of your overall security posture.