Obsidian enables security teams to protect their Office 365 environments from data breaches and unauthorized access. Install Obsidian in minutes with no agents or software to deploy. Get a comprehensive view of access, privilege, and behavior. Discover and mitigate risks and threats with continuous monitoring, detection and response. Which users have excessive privileges? Is legacy authentication still allowed? Has a user enabled anonymous access to files? Is someone forwarding mail to an external mailbox? Obsidian allows security teams to do their job without impacting production or productivity.


  • Access protection

  • Threat defense

  • Posture management

Privileged Roles

Get an inventory of access and privileges. Who has administrator access? Do you have too many admins? Which admins have unused privileges? Monitor for privilege elevation and admin sprawl.

Unified Activity Monitoring

With Obsidian, you can monitor activity across multiple Office 365 tenants in the same powerful console. Save time with normalized activity data for easier triage, investigation and hunting. Correlate activity with single sign-on (SSO) logins from Okta and Duo.

Enhanced Threat Detection

Combine Microsoft’s native alerts with Obsidian’s detection rules and models for threat detection. Use built-in analytics and alerts to discover weak or dangerous authentication policies. Examples include use of basic authentication, users bypassing MFA, and logins using Tor Browsers.

Issue Remediation

Remediate issues by locking accounts, unsharing files, and removing mail forwarding rules. Do you prefer to use security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) or IT Service Management (ITSM) for centralized response? You can use Obsidian’s powerful API to consume alerts.

Data Protection

Get visibility and detections around publicly shared OneNote and SharePoint files. Which external users are accessing files? Can documents be accessed anonymously? Are they shared overshared with a wide scope? Understand who is forwarding mail outside the organization and who is installing 3rd-party applications.

PowerShell Usage

PowerShell offers a powerful interface for automation and configuration management. But great power comes with the risk of misuse. Obsidian offers a way to monitor PowerShell use to make sure it is not being used for malicious purposes.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox Finalist

Hear Obsidian co-founder and CTO Ben Johnson give a 3-minute overview of Obsidian at the RSAC 2020 Innovation Sandbox contest.