With SaaS applications entrusted with more sensitive business data than ever before, the need to protect them is more urgent than ever. Existing solutions alone are insufficient because they don’t have a full understanding of users, configurations, permissions, and activities within and across your interconnected applications. This leaves security teams poorly equipped to fix misconfigurations, identify overprivileged users, and mitigate account compromises and insider threats.

Introducing Obsidian, the first truly comprehensive SaaS security and compliance solution built for SaaS. Obsidian enables companies to confidently protect Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Workday, and other business-critical applications.

In this solution overview, we’ll look at the current state of SaaS security and break down Obsidian’s unique approach:

  • What are the roles of existing security solutions, and what gaps do they fail to address?
  • How does the Obsidian platform approach SaaS security differently?
  • How does Obsidian help proactively defend applications and mitigate threats at the earliest stages of account compromise?