Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) are a solid protective front door to SaaS but they are typically blind to what is happening inside the applications. Obsidian fills the gap left by traditional security solutions by analyzing state and activity data across applications to help manage privileges, optimize configurations, and identify compromised accounts and insider threats. By pairing a deep understanding of each application with proprietary machine learning models, we deliver value in minutes without agents to deploy or custom rules to write. Obsidian goes beyond alerts, providing actionable recommendations for security teams and detailing the exact impact of each change in your environment.

Obsidian enables you to:

  • Harden your SaaS security posture with our deep app knowledge and industry best practices
  • Detect anomalous activity to identify attack at reconnaissance, before exfiltration
  • Monitor user access and activity within each application

The Obsidian Difference

Our platform delivers data engineering, data science, and threat research so your security team can focus on what matters most – protecting your interconnected SaaS environment.

Knowledge Graph

We retrieve, normalize, and enrich application state data across tenants to create a comprehensive knowledge graph of user activity and privilege.

Decision Making

We go beyond alerts, creating actionable recommendations for your security team and showing the exact impact of potential changes in your environment.

Value Delivered
in Minutes

Connect to your applications in a few clicks, with no agents or software to deploy. Obsidian comes ready with expert rulesets to get you started quickly.