The security of your SaaS applications is vital

As healthcare organizations migrate to SaaS for greater productivity and flexibility, they entrust confidential patient data and critical workloads to their applications. For security teams to protect this data and uphold compliance requirements, they need a better, more scalable approach to SaaS security.

Identify and address vulnerabilities that put SaaS security at risk

Automate SaaS compliance with standards like HIPAA

Continuously monitor for malicious activity with machine learning

Monitor third-party connections to core SaaS platforms

Understand and treat SaaS security vulnerabilities

A single organization can have hundreds of interconnected SaaS applications, each with its own unique settings, permission models, and distinct integrations. Managing these details and their associated risks is an overwhelming challenge.

Obsidian helps your team understand when poor configurations, excessive permissions, and unsafe integrations undermine your SaaS security—then take action to close these gaps and protect your business.

Automate SaaS compliance monitoring and reporting

Healthcare organizations are expected to maintain and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and various other data privacy and security standards.

Obsidian provides continuous assurance of SaaS control compliance and on-demand report creation, saving your team months of manual preparation and minimizing vulnerability.

Investigate and respond to threats within and across SaaS

Rapid response to malicious activity is critical for the protection of patient data and other sensitive medical records. The complexity of a modern SaaS environment makes this difficult for even the most well-equipped security teams.

Obsidian delivers continuous threat detection capabilities for SaaS powered by machine learning. Investigate and contain a compromise or insider threat with unmatched speed and precision.

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