Integrate platforms for complete last mile security

When you connect the Obsidian Security and CrowdStrike Falcon platforms, you get full visibility and uncompromising security over your organization’s endpoints and SaaS applications.

By correlating SaaS telemetry with data from CrowdStrike, Obsidian can identify threats with unparalleled speed and accuracy. This is critical as attackers look to move between compromised devices and the cloud.

CrowdStrike leverages Obsidian for SaaS incident response

With more adversaries targeting SaaS than ever, the CrowdStrike Incident Response Services team and Obsidian Security work together to triage and eradicate attacks impacting cloud applications.

When integrated with CrowdStrike, Obsidian can answer critical questions for any investigation:

  • Did a given endpoint compromise enable a subsequent SaaS compromise? Was the targeted user assigned any privileges?
  • What devices are being used to access SaaS systems?
  • Are a user’s SaaS login locations and device locations consistent?

Find Obsidian on the CrowdStrike Marketplace

Obsidian Security is proud to be available on the CrowdStrike Marketplace, a one-stop destination and world-class ecosystem of third-party security products.

This makes it easier than ever for existing Falcon customers to try, buy, and integrate with the Obsidian platform.

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