Determine the compliance of your SaaS applications in real time.

Eliminate lengthy, resource intensive audit preparation periods.

Uphold data residency and privacy obligations across SaaS.

Share compliance with stakeholders using automatically generated reports.

Commit to continuous SaaS compliance.

Measure how your applications adhere to organizational and regulatory standards like NIST 800-53, SOC 2, and PCI DSS in real time. See where weak controls jeopardize your compliance and take steps to get back on track. With Obsidian, SaaS compliance is a continuous commitment.

Practice safe and responsible data residency.

Understand exactly where sensitive data resides across your SaaS environment, which users are permitted to access that data, and when it’s being read, downloaded, or modified. As businesses rely increasingly on SaaS, Obsidian helps you thoroughly uphold data privacy and residency requirements.

Monitor sensitive data movement across applications.

Prevent third-party integrations connected to your SaaS applications from violating compliance standards and putting your data at risk. Obsidian delivers unparalleled visibility into your SaaS supply chain and mitigates the types of attacks used in major breaches against enterprises like SolarWinds and Okta.