The unprecedented volume of sensitive business data entrusted to SaaS applications in recent years has driven malicious actors to target these services with greater frequency and sophistication. Attackers are bypassing traditional security measures such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication using advanced techniques including token theft and reuse. After initial access, these adversaries become difficult to detect and can abuse cross-application connections to move laterally into other SaaS platforms.

Obsidian baselines user behavior within and across your SaaS applications to identify account compromise with high fidelity. In this data sheet, we’ll detail how Obsidian’s detection capabilities can help your security team mitigate these threats quickly and confidently:

  • Map complex data schemas across SaaS applications to create a single foundational knowledge graph
  • Interpret and analyze user activity within and across applications with advanced models
  • Stitch together multiple low-fidelity signals to identify compromise early