The proliferation of SaaS applications is driving unprecedented business agility, but the sheer volume of sensitive data entrusted to these services is causing security leaders to recognize the gaps in their existing SaaS security approaches. Many of the recent security breaches and data leaks that exposed sensitive data to the public have been tied back to SaaS security vulnerabilities. It’s now a growing concern with most organizations, as the sprawl of SaaS applications has become commonplace, leading to unforeseen compliance issues and new threats.

This definitive guide shares key insights and best practices on various topics across SaaS security:

  • What are the components of a holistic SaaS security strategy?
  • What is SaaS security posture management (SSPM)? Why is SSPM important?
  • How do I extend the principles of zero trust to my SaaS environment?
  • What is SaaS session hijacking, and how does this attack work?