Over the past few months, there have been “persistent and brazen” attacks on many global organizations with the intent of gaining access to sensitive data stored in internal systems and SaaS applications. Using CrowdStrike and Obsidian Security to get complete visibility into the data being exfiltrated from compromised endpoints and associated SaaS accounts, CrowdStrike’s IR team was able to detect and mitigate these attacks.

In this webinar, Obsidian Security, CTO, Ben Johnson and CrowdStrike’s Cloud Incident Response Manager, Alexi Papaleonardos, discuss mechanisms attackers used to gain access to internal systems and how the combination of CrowdStrike and Obsidian’s platforms helped detect and stop this intrusion campaign with speed and precision. Then, hear about real-world tips for preparing for incident response, improving threat detection capabilities, and hardening your environment in order to make intrusions like these less likely.



Alexi Papaleonardos

Cloud Incident Response Manager at CrowdStrike


Ben Johnson

CTO at Obsidian Security