Monitor integrations connected to your SaaS estate.

Measure the risk introduced by each different integration.

Detect and mitigate OAuth abuse and supply chain attacks.

Remove inactive or unsanctioned applications.

Get complete visibility into your SaaS integrations.

To ensure the security and privacy of sensitive business data, security teams need to know exactly which integrations are connected to the SaaS environment. Obsidian provides complete and continuous visibility into every integration along with important context around ownership, permissions, and access.

Measure and minimize integration risk, precisely.

Integrations with powerful permissions and broad access introduce greater risk to your organization. Obsidian continuously evaluates and quantifies the severity of each integration’s overall risk to help your team prioritize its efforts accordingly.

Stop malicious integrations and supply chain attacks.

From creating a new, malicious OAuth application to compromising a trusted third-party vendor, attackers can access SaaS environments in a number of ways. Obsidian detects these integration abuses and the sophisticated supply chain attacks used in major breaches against enterprises like SolarWinds and Okta.