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Feature Highlight: The Obsidian App Kit

Security teams are responsible for protecting sensitive business data as it spreads across a complex network of SaaS applications. Managing vast amounts of data stored in these applications has become increasingly difficult. While organizations commonly use central platforms such as Salesforce, Workday, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365, numerous custom-built applications exist for specific teams and industries. These smaller applications can be challenging to manage and are often overlooked, making it difficult for organizations to assess and monitor security risks. 

To address this issue, the Obsidian App Kit provides a solution.

Every App That Matters to You Matters to Us

The Obsidian App Kit is a tool that strengthens your SaaS security strategy by building custom connections to these applications, you can extend visibility across your entire SaaS environment—giving you the power to prioritize what is unique and important to you.

Obsidian assists your team in measuring and managing security risks, such as misconfigurations, excessive privileges, sensitive data exposure, and more. By proactively minimizing these vulnerabilities, your organization can reduce the likelihood of a security breach and continually comply with regulatory standards across all applications in your environment. By integrating your custom applications with Obsidian, you can expand the advantages of using Obsidian to your entire SaaS environment.

Complete Your SaaS Security Strategy with Obsidian

At Obsidian, we understand the need for comprehensive coverage across all your SaaS applications. Our platform hierarchy is designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution that addresses posture, threat, and integration coverage for your core applications. We also offer a fool-proof solution to tackle shadow SaaS and application sprawl. Additionally, we provide custom application connectivity for anything else that may be unique to your organization. With Obsidian, you can rest assured that your entire application environment is covered.

Get Started in Minutes

Right from day one, our customers are fully equipped for production. With just a few clicks, Obsidian can connect to your applications without the need for professional services or software deployment. You’ll have access to actionable insights within 24 hours, including data that goes as far back as the SaaS app permits, which could be 30, 60 or 90 days. It is time to rethink your SaaS security strategy; we’re here to help.

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