Identity Posture Management

Tighten Your Posture by Right-Sizing Access and Fixing Misconfigurations

Obsidian enables organizations to secure cloud identities by providing consolidated visibility and monitoring of accounts, privileges and activity. Using Obsidian, organizations can prune inactive accounts and fix common application misconfigurations to reduce risk. A lower risk profile not only reduces the chance of a costly breach, but also lowers the indirect costs of ongoing security efforts. For applications that carry operational costs on a per account basis, smaller account footprints also result in direct savings in operational budgets.

Visibility into active and inactive accounts

The service usage visualization gives you an at-a-glance view of active and inactive accounts by service, with historical changes in activity level.

Customizable timeframe for “use it or lose it” analysis

You can easily select the timeframe over which you want to analyze account activity.

Ability to filter by applications and administrative accounts

Filters allow you to see all services or select particular services to focus on. You can also filter just the administrative accounts to prioritize action.

Export-ready reports for identity operations follow-up

Usage data can be exported to create a follow-up plan to clean up accounts and improve identity hygiene.

Automatic retrieval, storage and analysis of state and activity from cloud services

Obsidian’s data infrastructure connects to a wide range of cloud services via API and automatically aggregates state and activity data in minutes