Breaking down SSPM

What is SSPM?

SSPM is the process of continuously assessing SaaS application posture to proactively identify and minimize risk while ensuring better security compliance. SSPM solutions provide automated capabilities to address misconfiguration, privilege sprawl, sensitive data exposure, and other vulnerabilities.

The combination of continuous threat detection and SSPM provide truly comprehensive SaaS security coverage.

Obsidian enables you to harden your SaaS security posture with confidence, leveraging our knowledge graph to weigh the risk of inaction against the impact of any change.


Configuration & Compliance

  • Optimize configurations across SaaS applications from a single interface
  • Quantify misconfiguration risk with context on users and activities related to each control
  • Identify divergence from industry benchmarks and best practice

Data Access &
Privilege Right-Sizing

  • Identify and reduce sensitive publicly exposed data
  • Reduce over-privilege by flagging unused permissions or deviations from a peer group
  • Save costs by identifying inactive licensed accounts

Our deep understanding of each application enables us to cover significant SaaS security risks, including:


Monitor how the introduction of new controls impacts posture


Identify users with the ability to modify all data and adjust as needed


Get notified when MFA is disabled for any user


Track all third-party apps with read-write access to core systems


Achieve Comprehensive SaaS Security with Obsidian

Finding and addressing weakness in your security posture is an essential element of protecting SaaS. It’s equally important to monitor for threats inside your applications. Attackers can breach applications by compromising users and integrated third-party applications. Insiders also pose a potent threat through both malicious actions and unintentional exposure. To achieve comprehensive SaaS security, you need Obsidian’s posture and threat management solution.