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SaaS Ransomware Attack Hit Sharepoint Online Without Using a Compromised Endpoint

Cybersecurity firm Obsidian has observed a successful ransomware attack against Sharepoint Online (Microsoft 365) via a Microsoft Global SaaS admin account rather than the more usual route of a compromised endpoint.

The attack was analyzed post-compromise when the victim employed the Obsidian product and research team to determine the finer points of the attack. In its blog account of the incident, Obsidian did not disclose the victim, but believes the attacker was the group known as 0mega.

Once in, the attacker created a new Active Directory (AD) user called Omega with elevated privileges, including Global Administrator, SharePoint Administrator, Exchange Administrator, and Teams Administrator; and site collection administrator capabilities to multiple Sharepoint sites and collections. The attacker also removed existing administrators (more than 200) in a 2-hour period.

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