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0mega ransomware gang changes tactics

A number of ransomware gangs have stopped using malware to encrypt targets’ files and have switched to a data theft/extortion approach to get paid; 0mega – a low-profile and seemingly not very active threat actor – seems to be among them.

About the 0mega ransomware operation

0mega (spelled with a zero) is a relative newcomer to the ransomware/extortion business.

Evidence of its activities were first spotted roughly a year ago, when one victim – a UK-based electronics repair and refurbishment company – apparently refused to pay and the gang leaked company data on its dedicated leak site.

The gang used ransomware that added the “.0mega” extension to encrypted files, but a sample of the malware hasn’t been found.

Since then, stolen data of two additional victims has been leaked.

Of course, the fact that the leak site only lists a few victims does not mean there haven’t been many others. One victim organization’s data was leaked and then removed, according to Lawrence Abrams.

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