Threat Management for SaaS

What is Threat Management for SaaS?

Threat management is the process of continuous application independently and together to detect, manage, and respond to suspicious activity. Through the use of machine learning, security teams are able to identify external and internal threats across applications before data can be exfiltrated.

The combination of continuous threat detection and SSPM provide truly comprehensive SaaS security coverage, monitoring the holistic elements of each SaaS.

Obsidian delivers real-time threat detection across connected SaaS applications, enabling you to quickly identify and respond early in the compromise kill chain.

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Account Compromise

  • Analyze user behavior to detect account takeover and insider threats
  • Leverage context from multiple services across your SaaS environment
  • Monitor for malicious integrations to your core SaaS applications
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Detection & Response

  • Continuously monitor for threats with AI-powered models and custom detections
  • Triage quickly with a unified timeline of events across attack stages and applications
  • Remediate rapidly with integrations into applications and security workflows

Our deep understanding of each application enables us to cover significant SaaS security risks, including:


Detect SaaS token theft and reuse


Identify cross-service impossible travel


Find OAuth abuse


Identify HR system fraud


Extending Zero Trust to SaaS

Obsidian extends the principles of zero trust beyond your identity provider to the applications themselves. We continuously verify connections to your core SaaS applications from users and third-party integrations to detect breaches regardless of where they originate. Our platform analyzes individual user behavior that serves as a baseline for threat detection and informs your ability to quickly investigate suspicious activity. With a deep understanding of each application and the ability to verify every piece of the SaaS environment, Obsidian applies a comprehensive approach that can significantly minimize the risk and impact of a potential compromise.