Product Spotlights
2 minutes

Zip Zap Zoom Safely with Obsidian!

Over the past couple of months, it seems like everyone and their mother (and kids) are on Zoom. The unexpected ramp in users and usage of video conferencing has shone a light on the security pitfalls resulting from misconfiguring and/or misusing the service. Security teams in organizations are racing to find ways to make sure remote workers are using Zoom correctly.

Bob Kruse Zoombombs a call.

Recognizing the pressing need for visibility, monitoring and detection for Zoom, the Obsidian team responded quickly to customer demand and released support for Zoom. Based on the enthusiastic customer adoption we’ve seen since the announcement, I’d say our support for Zoom was timely. Onboarding Zoom on Obsidian is a 5-minute affair, and you start seeing value almost immediately.

Next Tuesday, our VP of product Sean Borman will be taking the cover off our Zoom capabilities in a 30-minute product demo + discussion. Here’s a sample of product capabilities that you will see in the demo:

  • An activity timestream that shows you who is creating meetings, joining and leaving meetings, where they’re coming from and much more.
  • Visibility into devices, locations, and Zoom client versions being used to connect
  • Detection of suspicious or high-risk activity, such as: 
    1. Meetings being recorded
    2. Meetings scheduled without passwords
    3. Users logging in from anomalous locations
    4. Alerts on weak security configurations
  • A Zoom-specific dashboard that shows you failed logins, privileged users, access locations, meetings without passwords, screensharing sessions, etc.

Should you attend this webinar? Let me ask you this:

  1. Do you use Zoom, or are you considering using Zoom?
  2. Do you have Zoom security concerns?
  3. Is Zoom security a priority for you?
  4. Do you want to know who the heck the crazy Zoombomber Bob Kruse is?

If you answered yes to these three questions, see you next Tuesday!