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Ex-Cylance tech chief starts new company

Obsidian News

Robert Hackett, Fortune

March 8, 2019


Why to stop writing negative code

Previous research has suggested that including negative words, such as “not,” in the middle of a sentence can throw off our brains and make it more difficult to understand. As ...

Developer Field Notes

Jorge Cuadra, Senior UX Engineer, Obsidian Security

November 22, 2018


Sticking The Drop — My Journey to Obsidian

Stay On or Hop Off? It’s been about six weeks since I made the jump from working for the UK Government to Obsidian Security, an early-stage startup in Newport Beach, CA. I wanted...

Obsidian News

Chris Fuller, Senior Security Data Scientist, Obsidian Security

June 23, 2018


How to build your dynasty: Hire for passion, train for skill, coach for performance

Building the right team is hard. What’s more challenging is hiring for several roles at once and trying to determine how all the pieces will come together in the end. You’re tr...

Obsidian News

Ben Johnson, CTO, Obsidian Security

October 21, 2017


Ten Tactics for Introverts in Open Office Plans

One of the most difficult things about being an introvert in tech is the open office plan. It’s taxing to have to mentally dim the conversations, the comings and goings of others...

Obsidian News

Laura Norén, Director of Research, Obsidian Security

August 26, 2017