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Experience Obsidian with Our New Free Trial

Security teams need a unified, in-depth view of users, data, and applications in the cloud. Obsidian solves this problem and delivers unified visibility of users, privileges and activity in SaaS. We are excited to offer a full-feature two-week trial for you to evaluate the platform using your own cloud environment.

The Obsidian free trial gives you access to all the features of the Obsidian platform with no restrictions. Connect as many of your SaaS apps and cloud services as you want, and explore everything the platform has to offer for two weeks.

Obsidian is delivered as SaaS. With no software to install, you can be up and running with Obsidian in under 7 minutes by onboarding SaaS apps by using our rich API connections. The Obsidian platform aggregates data about users, access, and privileges as well as user activity. Many SaaS applications typically keep a couple of weeks of activity data in their systems, and Obsidian retrieves this when it first connects with the application. You will see immediate value from the visibility that Obsidian provides into user access and privileges tied to activity.

To recap, here’s why you should take Obsidian for a spin today:

  1. You care about SaaS security: Your SaaS usage is growing, and you need a single place to observe what users have access to and what they’re doing across a range of applications.
  2. You want security to be simple and frictionless: You can onboard Obsidian in minutes and see value almost immediately. Built-in alerts, reports, and dashboards let you assess and improve your SaaS security.
  3. You prefer to take the wheel and evaluate solutions yourself: The best way to see the value of a security solution is to give it a try in your own environment. There is no substitute for the hands-on experience, and no reason not to when it is so easy.

To get started, sign up for a free trial today. To connect services, you will need administrative access to one or more SaaS apps. Refer to the onboarding permissions document for more details. Make sure that you have the required privileges. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

We are here to help you get the most out of your free trial experience. Drop us a note if you have questions or want to share your feedback.